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Electric taxi grant Ireland – With growing awareness about the crucial need for environmental preservation, Ireland is making big moves towards green transport by introducing electric taxis. Electric taxis help make Ireland’s cities greener. Financial incentives are kickstarting the switch to electric taxis, morphing eco-friendly vehicles from a far-off concept into our day-to-day ride. This guide is your one-stop shop to understand Irish electric taxi grants, where you’ll learn about the funds up for grabs, who can get them when to apply and how they’ve helped real drivers switch their fleets overall in an effort towards a cleaner future.

Irish Vehicle Market Analysis

Ireland has witnessed rapid adoption of electric vehicle (EV) adoption over recent years, total of 15,678 new electric cars were registered in 2022 – tan increase on the 8,646 registrations seen in 2021 and 3,444 in 2019 [Source]. Electric vehicles like electric taxis not only help the environment by improving air quality and reducing emissions, they also cut down on noise pollution in cities—a nice perk for residents. Electric taxis have come about due to both government incentives and an increasingly eco-conscious taxi industry that recognizes operational savings by going electric. Major industry players such as FreeNow are actively aiding this transition for electric taxi operators, With drivers able to save up to €3,000 per year by moving from diesel to electric, it is banking on soon being able to offer zero emission rides to customers if enough drivers make the switch. [ Source ]. With both green and financial goals now on the same page, Ireland is gearing up for a thrilling chapter of eco-friendly electric taxi travel.

Acknowledging Electric Taxi Grants in Ireland

Electric taxi grants provide funding to individual taxi owners and fleet operators to cover some of the upfront costs associated with purchasing battery electric taxis. Ireland’s offering both national and local grants, aimed at getting more taxi and hackney services to switch to electric – it’s a move for cleaner air and less greenhouse gas in our cities.

Ireland’s inaugural electric taxi grant scheme was launched in 2019, administered by the National Transport Authority and supported the Climate Action Fund. An initial phase provided over EUR500,000 of grant funding; with eligible recipients eligible to claim up to EUR10,000 per EV taxi.

The main government bodies involved are the National Transport Authority which establishes program policy and oversight; Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland which disburses and tracks funds; as well as Dublin City Council which offers additional local grant funding and manages infrastructure needs related to electric taxi fleets. With electric taxi grants now established throughout Ireland, Ireland continues its dedication towards the electrification of taxi and hackney fleets.

Types of Grants and Incentives Available

Ireland offers a range of electric taxi funding programs:

  • National EV Taxi Grant – Grants of up to €20,000 for electrification of small public service vehicles (SPSV), such as taxis, hackneys and limousines. The Department of Transport has announced the renewal of the eSPSV Grant Scheme for taxis, hackneys and limousines in 2023, with a budget of €15 million allocated. – [Source]
  • Dublin City Council EV Taxi Grant – Up to €10,000 off EVs for Dublin operators specifically. Taxi drivers are eligible for double the normal grant when they scrap an older, more polluting or high-mileage vehicle and make the switch to electric. By scrapping and switching €20,000 will be available for a new, fully electric SPSV and if the taxi is a wheelchair-accessible electric vehicle, the supports rise to €25,000.
  • Commercial Electric Vehicle Loan – Low APR financing from local authorities to cover higher EV purchasing costs.
  • Vehicle Registration Tax Exemption – EV taxis pay no registration tax, saving thousands over petrol/diesel. SPSV drivers who make the switch to an EV can also avail of VRT relief (up to €5,000), the Domestic Charger Scheme (up to €600) and annual toll refunds (up to €1,000). This is in addition to the significant fuel savings and lower maintenance costs associated with electric models.
  • Accelerated Capital Allowances – Tax rebate for EV taxi operators by claiming capital expenses faster.

To qualify, taxis must be fully electric models with a minimum range of 150km+ per charge. Vehicles must serve as active commercial taxis with proper taxi licenses for a minimum period. EV taxis receiving grants must operate for at least 2 years initially.

But businesses need imaginative yet realistic marketing plans to stretch those dollars. Meeting core taxi regulatory and safety requirements is also a prerequisite.


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How to Apply for Electric Taxi Grants

The typical electric taxi grant application process comprises:

  1. Review vehicle eligibility and grant requirements – confirm your EV taxi meets program criteria.
  2. Prepare application materials – assemble documentation proving your taxi license, insurance, EV specs, and any other required items.
  3. Submit online application – applications are accepted on a rolling basis until funding is depleted.
  4. Application review – processing takes 4-6 weeks as submissions are reviewed and validated.
  5. Inspection – taxi and documents are inspected in person prior to approval to verify accuracy.
  6. Grant confirmation – notification of grant approval amount based on EV model, costs, and meeting criteria.
  7. EV taxi purchase – you can now proceed with procuring your approved electric taxi.
  8. Payment issued – the grant amount is paid directly to your taxi supplier as a discount on the EV purchase invoice.
  9. Compliance and reporting – ensure you comply with grant terms for the duration and provide requested operating data.

Keys for a strong application are choosing a qualifying EV, meticulously gathering documentation, clearly conveying grant benefits, and verifying compliance capabilities. Avoid mistakes like incomplete applications or unclear compliance commitments that can hinder approval.

Maximising the Benefits of Electric Taxi Grants

To optimise Ireland’s electric taxi grants:

  • Choose an EV model with an ideal range for your usage needs to minimize charging downtime. Longer range enables more fare-earning hours.
  • Understand the total cost of ownership – while EVs have higher upfront costs, you save substantially on fuel and maintenance versus petrol/diesel taxis.
  • Consider lease options so you aren’t saddled with technology that may become outdated. Leasing also fixes monthly costs.
  • Promote your EV taxi on social media and with vehicle decals to attract eco-conscious consumers and publicise the grants.
  • Monitor your EV taxi’s charging trends, cash from rides, and miles travelled to really understand its effectiveness.
  • Proactively maintain your EV by following manufacturer guidance to maximise longevity.

Grants for electric taxis in Ireland give the crucial financial help needed to make the jump to eco-friendly EVs doable. With national and local grant schemes now accessible, the time is right to pursue electrifying your taxi or hackney cab while supporting Ireland’s commendable sustainability efforts. The application process is straightforward – get started today on the path to a clean, cost-effective electric taxi service!

We trust this guide was a handy tool in understanding the ins and outs of Ireland’s electric taxi grants. Please share it with other drivers and operators who can benefit. We’d love to hear any thoughts you have on the grants so we can make it easier for other wanna-be EV taxi owners to get in the game. If you are a taxi driver who has purchased a new EV and needs an EV charger for home charging installed, please contact our team of experts at Electric Car Charger Ireland.


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