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Zappi Charger Installers Dublin – The myenergi Zappi Charger is an electric car charger for the home that has rightfully been receiving a lot of attention. It features a modern design, with a sleek and stylish shape, and can easily help you to charge your electric vehicle. There are many benefits to using a Zappi charger. Still, it can’t be installed by just anyone – you need to have the right skills and knowledge, which is why you can find the Zappi charger installers Dublin trusts at Electric Car Charger Ireland.

We’re often asked if the myenergi Zappi charger is the top electric car charger in Ireland, and there’s no easy answer. However, several things separate the charger from the rest of the pack.

If you’re looking for a simple-to-operate home electric car charger that is packed with features while remaining easy to use, the Zappi charger is for you. Designed to be safe and reduce your energy costs, it can charge a vehicle within hours and is easy to install when you choose experienced Zappi charger installers in Dublin.

Zappi Car Charger Installers

Zappi Charger Installers Dublin – Intelligent Charging

With all plug-in electric vehicles, keeping your battery charged is a necessity. You want to be ready to go, and you don’t want to wait for your vehicle to charge if you’re ready to take a trip.

The downside to this is that you may just plug your vehicle in when you get home and leave it to charge, which can have a detrimental effect on your energy bill. Of course, you need to charge your vehicle, so you’ve come to expect this – but is there a more effective way to do it? Have a question ? – Check out our Chargers For Electric Cars Frequently Asked Questions Answered blog post

The myenergi Zappi charger offers a smarter way to charge your battery. With certain energy suppliers, you’ll pay less for your electricity at different times of the day. The charger can be programmed using a timer to take advantage of this, or it can use a fully smart mode that detects when more economical tariffs are available.

This instantly cuts the cost of the energy used to charge your vehicle, but Zappi charger installers in Dublin know there’s another fantastic feature that saves even more money.


Renewable Energy Charger – Zappi Charger Installers Dublin

Many homes are now reaping the benefits of renewable energy, and it is common to see solar panels on homes. The great thing about such advances is that it decreases the cost of your energy, and energy is often passed back to the grid, helping to protect the environment.

With a myenergi Zappi EV charger, this surplus energy can be used to charge the battery in your electric vehicle. When using this generated energy, the cost of charging your battery is zero!

Different types of renewable energy can be used, including solar panels and wind turbines, so however your energy is generated, Zappi EV chargers can save you money while also protecting the planet.

Zappi Car Charger Installers

Safety and Savings as Standard

The Zappi charger is not only great for lowering the cost of charging your vehicle, but it also helps to keep you safe in your home. The electricity flow between the car and the power socket is controlled by an internal computer which monitors voltage, temperature and much more.

It can adjust how the vehicle is charged in response to what is happening in your home, so if there are a lot of appliances being used, the charging rate will slow. This can help maintain steady electric consumption and not create an overload situation. Plus, if you’re relying on your self-generated energy from solar panels, keeping the usage level stable will ensure that only energy generated by your renewable energy source is used.

Using this energy can mean it takes longer to charge your vehicle, but an alternative mode of operation allows for fast charging. The choice is entirely yours, and it is easy to balance your needs against the potential savings you could make.

The Zappi charger also has built-in protection to help defend against power surges, as well as surge protection for your home. This is designed to keep the electrical system in your home safe from any voltage spikes that may happen during an outage or storm.

If lightning strikes near your house and knocks out power, it’s possible that there will be damage done to sensitive electronics inside of the house, such as TVs and computers. The Zappi charger can’t prevent this from happening, but it does offer some peace of mind because you know your electric vehicle is protected.

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Keep an Eye on Your Energy Consumption

The Zappi myenergi charger is fully compatible with the myenergi app. It’s a completely free app but will require the installation of an optional Zappi hub. The app allows you to set timers, change settings, and generally stay on top of everything related to your myenergi products.

You can easily see how much energy is being generated by your solar panels, as well as monitoring grid import and export. If you want to know exactly what is happening with your energy usage, the myenergi app is the ideal solution.

Because it’s so easy to use, even someone who is not very tech-savvy will have no problem navigating through the app and understanding how everything works.

Zappi Car Charger Installers

Zappi Charger Installers Dublin

The myenergi Zappi charger will certainly have an impact on the future of electric cars. While many consider EVs to be eco-friendly to begin with, the Zappi EV charger improve the green energy aspects of electric vehicles even further.

Electric cars are becoming increasingly popular, and with the features available with the Zappi charger, such vehicles look set to become even more popular and accessible to everyone.

The myenergi Zappi EV Charger has consistently been ranked as one of the top electric car chargers around, and it isn’t a surprise. People can save money by using their own energy sources and charge their battery at zero cost.

An ideal product for those who are conscious about the ecological impact energy use can have on the planet, and great for saving money too, we know you’ll appreciate everything the Zappi charger can do. In our opinion, the myenergi Zappi charger is certainly the No.1 charger in Ireland and recommended by our zappi installers team.

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