Electric Vans – What Electric Vans Are Available in Ireland? – E-vans are becoming popular in Ireland for multiple reasons, not the least of which is the cost to run them. E-vans also have a much smaller environmental impact than petrol or diesel vans. There are many e-vans available on the Irish market, and we’ll look at some of the best electric vans available in Ireland.

Is anyone making an electric van?

Yes! Every major manufacturer is now making an EV or has plans to launch one soon. This is good news for electric van buyers as it means there are a lot of choices when it comes to e-vans. It also means that prices are falling as competition increases.

With the popularity of electric vehicles (and in general, it makes sense for the technology to be used in e-vans. Vans in business will often travel further and more regularly than cars, so an electric option is a welcome addition to any manufacturer’s range of products.


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What Electric Vans are available?

– The Renault Kangoo ZE and Master ZE are popular electric vans in Ireland. The Kangoo has a range of up to 230km combined and 320km in the city, and features a 44kW engine. The Master ZE comes in three different body types (offering 8 versions, including 2 different heights) and has a range of 130km. Both models can be charged in as little as six hours.

– The Nissan e-NV200 is another electric van that is becoming popular in Ireland. It has a range of up to 301km in the city and is spacious and versatile.

– The Mercedes-Benz Vito E-CELL is perhaps a more expensive electric van option, but it comes with a range of up to 130km-200km (depending on the model) and can carry a payload of 900kg.

– The LDV EV80 is another electric van that is becoming popular in Ireland. It has a range of up to 193km and can be charged in as little as two hours. Options include a crew variant, minibus and chassis cab.

These are just some of the electric vans available on the Irish market, and new vehicles are constantly being released. Newer models often have improved features and even greater range. If you are thinking of switching to an electric van, these are some great options.

Electric vans cost less to run than petrol and diesel vehicles and have a much smaller environmental impact than petrol or diesel vans. The electric vans available on the Irish market are too numerous to list fully, but these are some of the more popular choices in Ireland.


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Are electric vans cheaper?

The answer to this question is in two parts. The initial investment required to purchase an electric van may actually be higher than a petrol or diesel van. This is because e-vans have only been available for a few years in comparison to their petrol and diesel counterparts. An older van will always cost less than a newer one, so if you’re buying a used van, age will certainly be a factor.

However, for brand-new vans, the prices can be similar depending on the specification you require.

As for running costs, electric vans tend to be cheaper to keep on the road. The cost of charging is lower than that of fossil fuels, while maintenance is minimal with an e-van. The engine has far fewer moving parts, so there is less to go wrong. In short, your electric van will likely require fewer repairs than any other type of van.

What is the longest-range electric van?

One consideration when choosing an electric van is range. Electric vans have come a long way in recent years and now offer much longer ranges than when they first appeared on the market.

The longest range electric van currently available is likely to be one of the Renault models. Some have listed ranges of almost 400km (245 miles), but this will vary depending on the driving conditions and the weight of any carried cargo.

The range isn’t the only factor to consider when choosing a van. Vehicles that can be charged quickly will also be useful, as their range can be extended during the day.

At Electric Car Charger Ireland, we specialize in installing quality and affordable electric vehicle charging points at homes and businesses.

Our team is made up of qualified electrical professionals backed by a highly reputable electrical services provider that has served the market for over 36 years. We supply and install a range of EV charger units to suit your requirements, from a single wall-mounted unit, such as a Home Charger for Electric Cars, to a full network of intelligent EV chargers.

Installing a home charger will mean that if your vehicle is kept at home overnight, you can be fully charged and ready to go first thing in the morning.

Electric vehicle chargers at your business location will mean your van (or fleet) can be topped up whenever they are on the premises. If your business model includes trips from your base location to customer sites and then back again, these chargers can keep your vans ready for action at all times.


Best electric vans to buy in Ireland

The best electric vans to buy in Ireland will be down to your needs, requirements, and preferences. While the Renault Kangoo E-Tech and Zoe are smaller vans, the Nissan e-NV200 is larger, while the Fiat E-Ducato is larger still.

In general, larger vehicles can be more expensive, and the range might be lower due to the higher weight of the vehicle. However, electric vans are becoming more readily available in Ireland, with an ever-growing number of models to choose from.

Electric vans remain a great choice for those looking to reduce their environmental impact and lower their fuel bills – and there may even be grants available to help with your purchase of such a vehicle, as well as having a charger installed.

If you’re thinking of switching to electric, contact Electric Car Charger Ireland today. We can advise on the best electric vehicle charger for your business needs or the optimal EV home charger installation

You’ll experience the peace of mind that comes from knowing that range is less of an issue, and your Electric Van will always be charged and ready for action.

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