Home Car Charger – Knowing which home car charger Ireland can rely on is important, but there are a few other things you need to take into account before making a decision. Not every EV charger will work with every vehicle, and the price varies between makes and models.

If you’re considering purchasing a home EV charger in Ireland, here are a few tips to help you make the right choice.

How do you charge an electric car at home in Ireland?

There are several ways to charge an electric car at home in Ireland with a Home Charger for Electric Cars.  Some vehicles are provided with an EV charging cable that can be connected to a standard wall outlet, and you simply plug the other end into the vehicle.

However, this can be inconvenient (you might need to leave a window or door open), not to mention hazardous – trailing cables are never the safest item to have in your home.

The alternative is to use a dedicated electric car charging point. This will usually be installed in your garage or on a wall next to a driveway. A cable connects the charging point to your vehicle, and trip hazards are minimised as the two are close together.

A standard plug socket may take around 12-15 hours to fully charge the car, whereas a wall-mounted charging point might only take 3-4 hours to charge the car fully.


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How much does it cost to install an EV charger at home Ireland?

The budget for installing a car charger is often one of the most important factors in making your decision. The cost of installing a home car charger in Ireland can vary depending on the type of charger that you choose and the work required to complete the installation.

The cost of a charger will start at around €500 for a basic model, with the cost increasing dependent on the features. If you want smart charging, load balancing to ensure the appliances and gadgets in your home have enough power to use while the vehicle is charging, remote control via an app, or a variety of other options, the price will go up.

Of course, the price reflects the level of convenience provided. For some, being able to check on the charging status of their vehicle from any location with an internet connection can be worthwhile – it’s all down to your individual requirements.

Choosing the right EV charger Ireland

At the most basic level, there are only two points to consider other than price:

  1. Is the charger compatible with your vehicle?
  2. Does it provide all the convenience features you need?

Most chargers will have cables available to connect to almost every type of EV. There are a few rare instances where this isn’t possible, but connections across the EV industry are now quite standardised.

EV home chargers can have many of the features listed above, and it is up to you to choose. However, if you have some way of generating electricity at home (for example, solar panels), look for a charger that can be connected to the system. This will reduce your charging costs in the long run.

Similarly, if the speed of the charging process is crucial, look for a charger with a higher amp rating. Zappi chargers, installed by Zappi Charger Installers Dublin residents recommend are available in 16A and 32A options, with the 32A capable of charging a vehicle more quickly.

Home EV chargers may also be tethered or untethered (with a cable built-in that can be attached straight to the vehicle, or requiring a cable to be connected at both ends) and with security options (such as a PIN pad or smartphone security app) to prevent unauthorised charging.

In the end, the choice is only limited by your budget and expectations, and we always recommend choosing a well-known charger brand to ensure you get high-quality results.

Choosing the right EV charger installers in Ireland

As with any home improvement project, you want to be sure that the people you trust to carry out the work are qualified, experienced, and insured.

Electric Car Charger Ireland is powered by Phoenix Electrical Services, a highly reputable electric services provider to the commercial, industrial, and domestic market. With over 36 years of experience, our team can safely install the home car charger Ireland homes need safely and efficiently.

Fully trained and insured, you can trust Electric Car Charger Ireland to get the job done right the first time. We always provide a complimentary home car charging point survey before installation to ensure that your property is suited to home electric car charger installation.


Electric Car Charger Ireland, Suite 1, Rear Unit 7, Church Place, Glenageary, Co. Dublin, A96 A9Y0, Phone: +353 1 515 93 36, Website: www.electriccarcharger.ie

Can I claim for charging my company car at home Ireland?

If your company has provided you with an electric company car, you may be able to claim for charging it at home. The rules around claiming this vary depending on your employer’s policies and your specific contract, so it’s best to check with them directly.

While there are many advantages of electric cars and tax benefits to driving an electric company vehicle, claiming the cost of charging at home through the Revenue office may not be possible. What is important is keeping a record of how many business miles are travelled and how long the vehicle was charged for.

Many EV chargers will indicate the cost of the most recent charge, which can be used for any claim you wish to make to your employer.

Can I install an EV charger at home myself?

Other than using a cable with a standard plug on one end (to connect to an existing wall socket), you cannot install an EV charger at home by yourself. It is the job of a professional electrician.

It is vital to ensure that any electrical work is carried out safely and correctly. An error could result in injury or death.

While many EV charger installations are straightforward, professional electricians / EV charger installers will be prepared for any obstacles in the way and will know how to safely deal with them.

Never attempt to install an EV charger without full professional training – choose the team you can trust at Electriccarcharger.ie.

Do I need permission to install a car charging point?

Installing a home car charger Ireland usually does not require permission from local authorities but will need to follow certain rules and guidelines. A professional electrician will be aware of these requirements.

However, as planning permission rules and building regulations may vary slightly across the country, it is always advisable to check with your local council before starting any work.

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