EV Charging Cables Ireland – The EV charging cables Ireland based vehicles need are found in several varieties. In all cases, they are cables that connect an electric vehicle to an external power source. This cable has two connectors, with one on each end: one connector plugs into the car, and the other plugs into a charging station or wall socket.

The EV charging cable is used to charge the battery of electric vehicles, such as plug-in hybrids and all-electric cars.

Are all EV charging cables the same?

What cable is used for EV charging? It can depend on your vehicle! EV charging cables come in different types, based on the vehicle’s power needs.

The standard in Europe is a Type 2 connector that can charge at 22kW in home charger for electric cars installations and up to 43kW for commercial charging stations. Type 1 connectors are more common in Asia but only provide up to 7.4kW.

The connectors are only part of the story – the EV charging cables Ireland needs come in various specifications.

Mode 2 cables are usually provided by the car manufacturer and can be used with a domestic power socket. Mode 3 cables can include a Type 1 or Type 2 (or a combination thereof) connector and are again the most common cable type.

Other varieties include the CHAdeMO cable that provides up to 50kW of power, and the Tesla Supercharger cable, which is a modified Type 2 cable. Combination plugs, known as CCS or Combined Charging System, is another type of enhanced Type 2 cable.

Why are EV Charging Cables Ireland so expensive?

EV charging cables can be expensive because they include circuitry to regulate the power to make the EV charging cable safe to use. The price of EV charging cables can vary depending on where you buy them and what type of EV cable you need.

The EV charging cables Ireland requires must meet stringent safety standards and are made from high-quality components. A low-quality cable could potentially burn up when subjected to high power demands, which is something that is vital to avoid!

Do EV cars come with a charging cable?

Most electric vehicles are supplied with a charging cable, but this isn’t always the case, especially if your vehicle is second-hand. Carrying a spare cable is also useful should you need one in an emergency.

How thick is an electric car charging cable?

Again, cable thickness can be different for individual cables based on the requirements for charging. Generally, EV charging cables in Ireland are 4mm, but longer cables tend to be 6mm in size.


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Can I charge an electric car from a 13 amp socket?

Can I plug my electric car into a regular outlet? Yes, with the correct cable, you can charge your electric vehicle from a 13 amp socket. However, because of the limitations placed on such sockets, it will take longer than using a dedicated Electric Car Charging Points For Business or Home and a suitable cable.

These limitations are for safety because 13 amp sockets were not originally intended to power something as electricity-hungry as an electric vehicle.

Installing an EV charging station at home is the fastest and safest way to charge your electric vehicle. With advanced technology, a home charging station can make the most advantageous use of the electricity supply, never drawing an overwhelming amount of power and thereby allowing you to use your electrical appliances as usual.

When EV cables are used to charge an electric car in an office or domestic environment, they must meet specific standards defined by the National Rules for Electrical Installations. The EV charging cable Ireland requires must comply with these regulations and display the correct markings.

The home EV charging stations we install are compliant with all appropriate rules and regulations and offer a superior alternative to charging your EV via a standard socket.

Can I use an extension cord for my electric car?

While it is possible to use a standard 13 amp socket to charge your vehicle, using an extension cable of any kind can be dangerous. People have been known to use multi-socket leads connected together to extend the reach of a cable, which can cause even more problems than using a regular single extension lead.

Using either of these methods to extend a charging cable can lead to a fire as more heat will be generated as the electricity moves through the cables. Further, many of these cables are unsuitable for outdoor use, leading to an increased risk of electric shock – especially in wet weather.

The safest way to charge your EV at home is with the Best Electric Car Home Charger. The EV charging cables Ireland needs to stay safe will connect directly to the charging socket and will not pose a risk of fire or electric shock.

If in doubt, stay safe with a professionally installed home charging station for your electric vehicle.

What is a Level 1 charging station?

A Level 1 EV charging station is the basic charging equipment for an electric vehicle. Level charging can be performed with a cable that plugs into a standard socket or a charging station that can occupy a dedicated space on a wall.

Level 2 charging stations provide a higher level of power and can charge vehicles more rapidly than Level 1 chargers.

Which EV Charging Cable Ireland Should I Choose?

EV charging cables Ireland needs to be chosen appropriately for your EV, and your charger. Selecting the highest quality cable available will result in a great charging experience while maintaining your safety.

We recommend a Home Electric Car Charger to obtain the absolute best charging experience with the EV charging cables Ireland chooses. More convenient than charging directly from a 13 amp socket and with plenty of extra features to ensure your vehicle is charged safely and effectively, you’ll appreciate the safety and flexibility of a charging station.

If you’d like to know more about charging cables and home charger installation, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We can advise you on the home chargers and EV charging cables Ireland needs to ensure an excellent experience.


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