EV Apartment Charging Grant – Grants have been available for quite some time for electric vehicle owners in Ireland with access to off-street parking. This has meant that the cost of installing an EV charger could not be offset by people without driveways – however, the new EV Apartment Charging Grant is set to change that.

The new grant, which is available through the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI), will provide up to 90% funding towards eligible costs related to the installation of an EV charger. This means that people living in apartments or other properties without off-street parking will now be able to take advantage of this cost-saving measure.

Why is the Apartment Charging Grant available?

The Apartment Charging Grant is part of an overall strategy by the Irish government to promote the use of clean energy and increase the usage of electric vehicles in favour of traditional ICE (internal combustion engine) vehicles.

As part of this strategy, the Irish government has set a target of having 180,000 electric vehicles on the road by 2025, and 936,000 by 2030. Several measures are being implemented to encourage people to switch to electric vehicles to meet this target. The apartment charging grant is just one of these measures and is the first to target those who live in a home without a private driveway or garage.

Other grants have been available for some time, including significant contributions toward purchasing an electric vehicle. These have successfully encouraged people to switch to electric vehicles and moved toward the Climate Action Plan target of a 51% reduction in transport emissions by 2030.

Although the grant is known as the Apartment Charging Grant, it is not just accessible to those who live in apartments. Duplexes and mixed-use developments are also eligible for access to the grant.


Changes to existing grant opportunities

The Apartment Charging Grant was announced as part of a range of new and updated grants. The Home Charger for Electric Cars Grant can now be accessed by people who don’t own an electric vehicle themselves as it can be used for visitors or for rented accommodation.

Sports clubs may also access grant funding for public chargers, increasing the network of EV chargers across Ireland. While those who live in apartments or similar buildings may have previously been wary of making the switch, the apartment charging grant, in addition to the other grants, makes owning and driving an electric vehicle a much more attractive proposition.

How can the Apartment Charging Grant be accessed?

The SEAI Apartment Charger Grant provides funding to assist residents and owners of apartments and similar buildings with an EV home charger installation where pre-existing grants would not cover installation.

The grant is not just for a single EV charging point installation – instead, it is intended to be used for the bulk installation of chargers. This means that apartment buildings will be well-served, and multiple residents can take advantage of a charging point.

Where other grants may only offer a contribution toward the cost of the charging point itself, the Apartment Charging Grant can also support costs, including cabling, infrastructure, and labour. When construction work is needed, these costs can also be considered.

Residents should not apply for the grant individually if there is currently no facility for Electric Car Charging at the building or in the car park. Instead, the owner or manager of the building should apply on their behalf. The grant can cover up to 80% of the funding required for infrastructure along with €600 per charging point.

If there are already EV charging facilities in the building or complex, residents should contact their management company to request access to the network. The management company will know what equipment will be needed and who the approved supplier is. You will need to set up an account to access the system (which the management company will have full instructions for), and once this is done, you can apply for a Home Charger Grant from the SEAI.

The Apartment Charging Grant is therefore available to owners’ management companies, housing bodies, local authorities, and commercial and private landlords. At the same time, the Home Charger Grant is available to residents who have joined their management company’s existing EV charging network.

If you’re thinking of making the switch to an electric vehicle, this could be a great opportunity to do so.


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What level of funding is provided?

The funding level for the Apartment Charging Grant varies depending on the applicant’s status. Local authorities or approved housing bodies can receive up to 90% of the eligible costs, while owners’ management companies can receive up to 80%. Management companies of Build-to-Rent developments can receive up to 60% of the eligible costs.

For owners’ management companies, the maximum level of funding awarded will be €100,000. The grant is calculated at €5,000 per dwelling but may not exceed the maximum funding level.

Is the Apartment Charging Grant worth it?

The Apartment Charging Grant is a great way to encourage residents of apartment buildings and complexes to switch to electric vehicles. The grant can cover various costs associated with installing EV home chargers, making it easier for residents to make the switch. With the right planning, the grant can be used to fund a bulk installation of chargers, meaning that multiple residents can take advantage of the charging point.

With more residents having the opportunity to charge an electric vehicle at home with a Home Electric Car Charger , the Apartment Charging Grant represents a great way to encourage the switch to electric vehicles and help reduce emissions across Ireland.

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