EV Fleet Charging – EV fleets offer an economical way for businesses to manage their vehicles. As you most likely already know, Electric Vehicle Charging for Fleets, means fuel costs are lower than petrol or diesel, and EVs have a lower impact on the environment – but these aren’t the only reasons for switching your fleet to electric.

EV fleets are the future of transportation

With government legislation being implemented in countries worldwide, the days of vehicles powered by fossil fuels are certainly numbered. Today, businesses that switch to EV fleets will be better positioned for the inevitable EV takeover.

Electric vehicles produce zero emissions, which is excellent for the environment. EV fleets can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 90% compared to petrol and diesel vehicles. This is a huge benefit, especially when considering the amount of pollution that traditional vehicles produce.

Practically, this means there is a saving for your business. Motor tax is calculated in relation to CO2 emissions – in short, the fewer emissions produced by a vehicle, the lower the motor tax. With EV fleets, the tax is at the lowest rate.

Combined with the savings on fuel from EV fleet charging, it represents a significant saving over ICE (internal combustion engine) vehicles.

Here are four more reasons to make the switch:

1. EV fleets improve air quality

The benefits of electric vehicles don’t just stop at the environment – EV fleets also improve air quality in towns and cities. The number one reason for this is that electric cars don’t produce any emissions from the tailpipe, so the air is cleaner.

2. EV fleets make communities more walkable and bike-friendly

EV fleets reduce noise pollution, making communities more enjoyable to walk or bike in. Combined with cleaner air, traffic noise can be reduced by such an amount that birdsong can easily be heard near main roads – and when people feel closer to nature, their mental health is consistently improved. If nothing else, this is a prime reason to switch to an EV fleet.

3. EV fleets promote sustainable transportation

Not only is this great for the reputation of your business, but it can also help to attract new customers. EV fleets are a great way to show that your company is committed to sustainable transportation and reducing its environmental impact.

Making the switch to EV fleets may seem daunting, but the benefits are clear. With lower running costs, improved air quality, and reduced emissions, EV fleets make business sense for any business.

4. EV fleets are great for reducing the cost of EV charging

An EV charging station at the business’s location can make life a lot easier for EV fleet members who would otherwise have to rely on public EV charging stations. When a company has its own EV fleet charging system, the cost is lower than using public charging stations. It can also provide a valuable opportunity for team-building and socializing as drivers compare their EV experiences.

EV Fleet Maintenance

Besides regular servicing and charging, EV fleets require minimal maintenance. Maintenance costs are far lower than that of traditional vehicles, which means your business can save money on this too.

With a minimal number of moving parts to worry about, EVs last longer than traditional vehicles without needing repair. Where there are hundreds of components in an ICE that can wear out or break, an electric vehicle’s propulsion system is much simpler in comparison. Hitting a bump in the road can severely impact an internal combustion engine, but less so with an EV.

There are no oil changes, gearbox problems, or coolant leaks to worry about with EVs.


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EV Fleet Charging – Vehicles Ready When You Need Them

One factor that often deters businesses from switching to electric vehicles is understanding how charging works. Business owners may have experience with home chargers for EVs that take several hours to charge a vehicle fully.

Suppose the same scenario is applied in a business situation. In that case, it may mean that vehicles are unusable for certain periods during business hours, especially if the charging capacity needs to be shared across multiple vehicles.

However, dedicated EV fleet charging solutions don’t work in the same way as home charging. With a higher capacity and advanced technology, multiple vehicles can be charged quickly. This means the vehicles are always available when needed, with no waiting around and no compromise on safety.

EV Fleet Charging for your Business

There are several things to consider when looking for EV fleet charging, so make sure to partner with a company that can provide a reliable and safe charging solution. EV fleet charging can be easy and convenient for your business with the right partner.

We offer a free consultation service to help you find the right EV fleet charging solution for your unique business, and we provide tailored solutions to suit specific business requirements.

Once you choose Electric Car Charger Ireland, as your EV fleet charging partner, we take care of everything for you. From the initial design of the EV fleet charging solution to the installation and commissioning of the same, we make it easy for you to switch to electric vehicles.

Carefully designed charging solutions incorporate load balancing to ensure that even when your whole fleet is charging, there is no negative impact on the performance of the electric systems within your building.

Charging points can be integrated with solar panels and wind turbines, further reducing the cost of the energy needed to charge your vehicles. An assortment of tariffs, along with auto-billing, make it simple to boost your cost savings.

You can monitor your fleet’s performance and energy usage easily and receive updates and alerts when charging is complete or if a fault occurs.

If you’re looking for a reliable, safe and sustainable way to charge your EV fleet, look no further. Electric Car Charger Ireland also offer ongoing maintenance plans, so you can relax and know that your EV fleet charging is in safe hands.

Electric Car Charger Ireland are experts in EV fleet charging and EV Charging Cables Ireland needs, and we want to help your business make the switch to electric vehicles. Contact us today for more information or a free consultation.

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