Car Charger Installation Cost – Whether you just bought your first electric car or are still considering your options, you’ll need to factor into your decision-making how much it will cost to install a car charger.

While the cost of the charger itself may not be too bad, other factors can add up, so it’s important to know what to expect. Let’s look at the average installation cost for an EV charger and some things that can affect that price – including some ideas that can give you a lower-cost option.

Do You Need a Home Car Charger?

If you live in an urban area and have easy access to public charging stations, you may not need a home charger for electric cars installed.

This could be an appealing option if you’re worried about the cost or don’t have the space for an electric car charger. You can simply charge your car at a public station near your home (or electric car charging points for Business,) but choosing this route can severely limit your options.

You’ll need to find a charger that is available to use, and your vehicle might not always be fully charged when you want to use it. You might have concerns about the EV home charger cost that you need to pay upfront, but that’s not the only cost of charging an electric vehicle.

Public charging points are often more expensive to use per charge than home chargers. In addition to the cost of the electricity, public charging points will add a surcharge on top to make it worthwhile for the charging point owners. With a home charger, although there is the car charger installation cost to consider, you only pay for the electricity you use. If you have access to solar or wind-generated energy, you could even pay less than the standard rate for electricity.

The EV home charger cost is therefore offset by the convenience, flexibility, and lower day-to-day running costs compared to public chargers.


Is The Car Charger Installation Cost Fixed?

The cost of the charging unit itself will be fixed, but car charger installation cost can vary depending on various factors – not the least of which is your choice of the charger.

Several companies manufacture chargers, and each company has a range of products available. We recommend specific models due to their reliability, ease of use, and configuration options. You’ll find car chargers online starting from around €600, but this is just for the unit alone and only for the basic feature set.

If you need to have new electrical work or other building work done to your property to install the EV charger, this can add significantly to the car charger installation cost that you’ll incur.

However, some options are available that can help you save on car charger installation costs. One of these is the Electric Vehicle Home Charger Grant from the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI).

What is the SEAI Car Charger Grant?

This scheme offers a €600 grant towards the car charger installation cost for eligible applicants. It’s a government-funded support scheme available to residents and homeowners, and the money is available for offsetting the cost of the charger and hiring EV charger installers.

You can apply for the SEAI car charger grant by showing evidence that you own a new or second-hand electric vehicle, but keep in mind that not every EV is eligible for this grant. A full list can be found online, or contact our Electric Car Charger Ireland Team to determine whether your vehicle is suitable.

The grant can be applied for at any stage after you have purchased the car, even if you haven’t received it yet. This allows you to get your charger installed and set up before your vehicle arrives, which can be convenient if you are raring to get going.


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Reducing the Car Charger Installation Cost

If you decide that electric car charging is right for you, there are many ways to reduce the car charger installation cost. These include:

– Buying your car charger and installation from the same company

When you buy your charger and have it installed by the same company, the car charger installation cost is likely to be reduced. This is partly because the company will be familiar with the charger itself and understand any installation quirks. If the company can complete the job with minimal issues, so much the better.

– Applying for available grants and subsidies

As you’ve seen, a grant is available to help with the cost of installing your home charging point. Grants are also available from time to time that offset other EV ownership costs, including grants to help with the cost of the initial vehicle purchase. The requirements and availability of these grants change regularly, so it is always worth checking to see what is currently available to help you. More info on SEAI grants and subsidies here .

– Choosing a car charger that doesn’t require additional electrical work or building changes (or the minimum amount possible)

As part of the process of installing a car charger, we will visit your property to complete a survey and provide a quotation. This quotation will consider the specific car charger installation cost for your circumstances.

You can, of course, shop around for quotes from other companies, but be aware that not all car charger installation quotes are created equal. The cheapest quote may not necessarily be the best value, as it may not include everything you need or want.

We will help to determine the best location for your car charger. The car charger installation cost can be minimized if the charger is located somewhere near the main electricity supply – the further away it is, the higher potential for extra work. We aim to find a location that is both cost-effective and convenient. Read the amazing 5 Star feedback from our wonderful Electric Car Charger Ireland customers here.

– Using excess energy generated from solar panels or wind turbines

If you already have a solar panel or wind turbine setup, this may offset the car charger installation cost by using excess energy generated to charge your car.

Overall, the car charger installation cost can be offset by many factors – including convenience, flexibility, lower running costs of electric vehicles compared to non-electric vehicles, the cost of home charging vs public chargers, and available grants and subsidies.

When choosing the car charger and installation that is right for you, it’s important to consider not only the car charger installation cost but also how reliable the charger is, how easy it is to use and configure and other factors.

Need to know what a car charger installation cost is ? The Electric Car Charger Ireland Team are here to help, so please get in touch to learn more about the EV home charger cost for your individual circumstances.


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