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Grant for Car Charger – Ireland is embracing electric vehicles at an accelerating pace as citizens collectively tackle emissions reduction goals. 22,789 new electric cars were registered in 2023, a 45.4% increase on the 15,678 registrations seen in 2022. Public charging infrastructure expansion has followed suit, with providers adding over 1,800 new public charging points across Ireland just last year.

Yet studies show access to residential charging remains crucial for most drivers to overcome barriers to complete electrification. Installing a convenient home electric vehicle charging solution allows topping up your EV easily overnight in the comfort of your own parking spot instead of queues at public plugs. However, sourcing compatible equipment and professional installation carries a significant price running €1000 or more before accounting for electrical upgrades. (More info on – Commercial EV charger installation)

This is why the SEAI issues an Electric Vehicle Home Charger Grant. Worth €300, it offsets equipment and car charger installation costs to ease the EV transition in two ways: for existing e-car owners lacking home charging, and prospective buyers finalising purchase plans. Beyond subsidising hardware, we’ll clarify compatible charger specifications, eligibility to qualify, vetted installer credentials, plus full application guidance.

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Reaping the Benefits of Ireland’s EV Charger Grant

The most direct perk comes as financial savings on hardware and installation expenses. With the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) now providing up to €300 for approved chargers and electrical work associated with new home EV supply equipment, a sizable reduction is making purchases more affordable.

For example, based on current rates a new wall-mounted charger unit plus required electrical enhancements would run approximately €1,100 (depending on the charger selected). But with SEAI footing nearly 30% courtesy of the grant, your out-of-pocket contribution drops to €800 or less – including installation and testing. (More info on – Charging Ahead Car Charger Electric) The savings potential extends further when stacking additional incentives for going electric. Tap into the electric vehicle purchase grant, and suddenly between car and charger subsidies you secure €3,800 in government support. (More info on – Zappi Car Chargers)

Yet more valuable than cost offsets, is the grant’s role in enabling convenient daily home charging for drivers lacking home charging facilities. No longer must people endure the frustration of long waits at unreliable public chargers to integrate renewable transportation into their lives. Enabling, at home, overnight charging for over 200,000 additional households is now an achievable medium-term vision thanks to this accelerated infrastructure funding commitment. (More info on – EV Public Charging)

Supporting mainstream electric vehicle adoption and Ireland’s urgent climate action plans depends greatly on people’s access to charging points nationwide. By stimulating investments in chargers, electrical upgrades and the adoption of electrified vehicles across Irish communities, the SEAI grant accelerates sustainability nationally both through incentives and essential infrastructure. (More info on – Buying an Electric Car in Ireland)

Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment & Accessories

What EV charging hardware and accessories qualify for Ireland’s home charger grant subsidy? Broadly, newly purchased wall-mounted or standalone chargers rated between 3.7-7.4 kilowatts with current safety certification meet approval criteria. Reputable brands all offer compliant models featuring the latest standards. (More info on – EV Chargers Ireland)

Particularly well-suited are WiFi-enabled smart chargers integrating automation responding to other home energy generation like rooftop solar panels. This self-sufficiency capability aligns brilliantly with Ireland’s sustainability-focused infrastructure targets by reducing grid dependence. (More info on – Smart EV Home Chargers)

Equipment recommendations will differ based on your specific parking layouts and locations. Choose EV chargers rated for exterior use if installing in open carports or driveways. Fully enclosed garage plans better suit wall-mounted systems that can be hardwired directly. Carefully evaluating your available electrical points works hand in hand with parking considerations. Additional accessories like retractable cable hanger kits promote tidy installations as well. (More info on – EV Charger Installation)

Beyond physical equipment, taking time to ensure your selected electric vehicle model has a compatible charge port for the charger connector proves important as well during planning. Adjusting charging amperage and electrical capacity aligned to your car’s technical limits prevents potential waste while allowing for future equipment upgrades. Working closely with your registered electrician and charger provider facilitates picking the properly tailored chargers from the start. (More info on – Wallbox EV charger)

Grant for Car Charger – Assessing Grant Eligibility

Confirming your grant pre-approval involves both documentation submissions and our free site survey.

Step-by-step process:

  1. Complete our online Electric Vehicle Home Charger grant application form. You will need your Meter Point Reference Number (the full 11-digit number on the top of your electricity bill) and your home address Eircode. (More info on – Best Electric Car Home Charger)
  2. Once your application has been approved, you will receive a Letter of Offer via email as well as the Terms and Conditions and a Payment Request Form link. Separately, you will also receive an email containing the Installation Details form that needs to be completed by your electrician – please make sure to forward this email to your chosen installer. Both emails will be sent from
  3. From when you receive your Letter of Offer, you have 6 months to complete the installation of your charge point.
  4. The work can only be performed by a fully qualified electrician who is registered accordingly with Safe Electric Ireland.
  5. Once the installation is done your electrician should complete the Installation Details form and you should complete the Payment Request Form.
  6. Your Electrician must provide you with a copy of Certificate Number 3. Review this and ensure it is completed properly.
  7. Submit your Payment Request Form found in the Letter of Offer email with the following items:
  8. Fully signed and completed Payment Request Form including bank account details
  9. Copy of Certificate Number 3
  10. Copy of Test Record sheet from Electrician
  11. Copy of invoices
  12. Photographs of the installed charge point

Your electrician must send a fully completed copy of Certificate Number 3 to Safe Electric Ireland. (More info on – Electric Taxi Grant Ireland) We will check with Safe Electric Ireland that the relevant certificate has been filled for that work and that the electrician is fully approved and registered. Once this is confirmed, we will make an electronic payment of the grant amount to the bank details provided by you.

(Reference: SEAI Website)

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Grant for Car Charger – Streamlined Pre-Approval & Installation

Before hiring an electrician to install your EV charger, in some cases it may be best to check your planned installation with the relevant council authorities and whether you qualify for the SEAI grant. Then search the Safe Electric contractor registry to find appropriately qualified electrical professionals in your area for your EV charger installations. (More info on – EV charger installers)

Be sure to compare the installation service packages and timeframes offered by each of the contractors you are considering. Assess the total project costs including equipment, installation, and applicable taxes such as VAT, this will ensure you can budget correctly for the installation excluding the SEAI grant. Work with a provider who can give expert advice regarding the grant process and the relevant paperwork that needs to be submitted for you to receive the grant.

With so many successful EV home charger installation projects under our belt, Electric Car Charger Ireland can help you streamline the entire administrative process with expert advice and guidance from our team.

Irish drivers can secure sizeable discounts of up to €300 off the total expense of purchasing and professionally installing new electric vehicle charging equipment through the Sustainable Energy Authority grant. Robust charging infrastructure is crucial for increased EV adoption aligning with Ireland’s sustainability visions. For eco-conscious drivers, these home charger grants ease the transition through convenient residential charging access. Contact us for consultations on tailoring eligible installations worthy of Government grant funding support. (More info on – Home Charger for Electric Cars)


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Grant for Car Charger – Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Electric Vehicle Home Charger Grant?

A: The EV Home Charger Grant is a government-funded scheme that provides up to €300 towards the purchase and installation of an approved electric vehicle charger at your home in Ireland.

Q: Who is eligible for the grant?

A: Homeowners, either with or without an EV currently, can qualify for Ireland’s charger grant if installing at a home they own to provide charging access for an approved registered EV.

Q: What chargers are covered under the grant?

A: New wall-mounted or standalone EV chargers rated from 3.7-7.4kW with current safety certification from reputable brands meet Ireland’s EV charger grant criteria.

Q: How do I apply for the home EV charger grant?

A: You apply through the SEAI’s online application form providing details like your address, electricity meter number, EV registration, quotes/invoices showing charger costs, parking details etc.

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